Tyler Spartan Lacrosse is a community based, non profit, lacrosse program. The Spartans mission is the promotion and growth of the game of lacrosse through out the East Texas area while staying true to the ideals of hard work, respect and honor. Currently eight different high schools are represented as players for the Spartans. As a Spartan, you will learn hard work, team cooperation, respect, and discipline. Tyler Lacrosse includes a high school level team (grades 9 – 12) and is currently forming a junior high team (grades 6 – 8). As a member of the Texas High School Lacrosse League Division III, the Spartans compete with teams from Dallas and Fort Worth. The Spartans also play several teams from Shreveport.

Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport in the nation. A high energy, fast paced sport, lacrosse incorporates elements of many other sports, soccer, football, baseball, and basketball. Though a team sport, lacrosse allows players to excel as individuals. Lacrosse, or “the Cross”, as named by French missionaries, is the oldest sport in America. Early French settlers found the Native tribes of North Eastern America playing lacrosse upon their arrival. Originally, these tribes played the game in honor of the one they worshiped as their Creator and at other tribal celebrations. Lacrosse was also used to settle disputes. In its original form, lacrosse could be played over many miles of terrain and included hundreds of Native warriors as participants.

As lacrosse has changed through the centuries, it has not ceased to uphold these central principles:Honor your team. Play your best. Respect your opponents. Balanced with the physical nature of the game, lacrosse has rules of conduct that promote honorable ideals and core values in its players. As such, it is easy to see why the overall goal of Tyler Lacrosse is to establish lacrosse as a premier sport among our youth in East Texas.

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